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I have a website I recently got an email from someone calling themselves?

"Web Reputation Management" alerting me to negative postings on the Internet about my service. I did a search of my domain name and found that there was a negative posting! This is absolutely a scam, which I have to presume was implemented by those who contacted me offering to clean it up. There are people out there, specifically posting negative commentary and then offering a service...
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St Andrews university for undergraduate in business and management?

I am a high school student from Mumbai, India. I plan to go to the UK for my undergrad in business and management. I would like to know the reputation that St andrews has and the how is the student and the city life there? Is it good for business and management course? As i am allowed to pick nly 5 universities, i am considering st andrews to be one of them. Should i or should i not? I want...
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online reputation management strategies

BEST DEAL HANDS DOWN!! Reputation Accelerator has the best Reputation Management program out there hands down. I have seen several other programs and nothing is as incredible as Reputation Accelerator. I met a few dealers in our dealer 20 group and a couple of the guys suggested Review Boost. When we compared results they where blown away. I clearly made the right choice. Thanks Reputation...
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