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Good Universities in London for bussiness and management?? 10points?

I’m right in the middle of choosing uni’s because i have to apply very soon as an international student. i’m from Italy and i keep reading things on the internet like South Bank university isnt good at all, and Queen mary isnt that good and that it’s in a horrible area. I’m getting confused i dont know where to apply because not living in London i dont know what reputation certain universities have , so i really need to know which are truly the good ones and quite accesible ones because i’m not a genious that can go to Oxford or Camridge but i also dont want to go to a stupid university. So which are the good ones?? Is metropolitan good? Westminster? Thanks a lot
10points to the best answer

The London School Of Economics, the best,

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  1. The London School Of Economics, the best,References :

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