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Make More Money As A Financial Planner With Your Own Domain

As a financial planner, you probably already know all of the best techniques and methods for a business to earn more money, to lower its costs and to overall better manage its finances. So you’ll almost certainly agree with the idea that, as a financial planner (or anyone who is an expert in managing finances really!), you can certainly earn some extra money by expanding your business to the Internet.

After all, both the starting up and maintenance costs of securing a domain and a website are extremely low (about $10 a month only!), and the potential business benefits that you gain can be extremely high indeed. There are almost a billion people using the net on a regular basis, and many of these people go online looking for information.

As a financial planner with years of experience, you can tap into the very niche and profitable market of individuals looking for advice on financial and monetary management. Here are a few ideas on ways you can increase your income by offering your expertise and services on the Internet – with minimal effort and maximum benefit!

1. Provide Regular Advice (E-Newsletter) For A Monthly Fee
This is one of the easiest and most profitable options for earning money using your domain and website that you should consider. E-mail is free to send, which means that you do not incur any cost for providing your service. And since your service, which in this case is to provide sound financial advice, also does not require you to spend any money, all you need to do is invest some time in writing your expertise down into an e-mail.

Thus, almost all the money you gain by charging your customers a monthly fee to become a member of your e-newsletter is your profit. The only additional tools you will need to set up is your credit card online merchant account (which enables you to receive payment via credit card) and your mailing list autoresponder (which allows you to pre-insert e-mails beforehand, allowing your e-newsletter business to almost run on auto-pilot!).

Of course, you need not only send your customers information in the form of text – you can also send them video and audio files. The better the quality of information and mode of communication that you use with your customers, the higher you can charge them monthly.

2. Write E-Books And Sell Them On Your Blog
Aside from getting paid to send out information via e-mail, you can also compile larger chunks of information and useful tips for businesses to save money and increase productivity in the form of e-books. E-books are not very long (about 30 – 60 pages or longer) and usually come in the form of a PDF Document which will allow you to significantly save on printing, storage and transport costs (as compared to a physical book!).

The visitors who read your website regularly are great potential customers for your e-book as they already have an interest in learning more on financial planning. Thus, you only need to use your blog to market your product, and every cent you make from its sales is your profit!

3. Build Your Reputation As A Respected Financial Planner
Another great advantage of owning your own domain and blog (that does not necessarily make you money) is that you will build yourself a reputation within your readers as a reliable and trustworthy financial adviser on the Internet. This is even more true if you use your own name as the domain address i.e.

Over time, your prominence may even spillover into the real world and you may be invited to give seminars and talks once people have accepted your authority on the subject. Such a rise in status and reputation cannot easily be achieved – but having your own domain will certainly help!

As a person that truly understands the importance of analyzing the profitability of a business before venturing further, it must seem quite clear to you that securing an online presence for your career and expertise is a step in the right direction. And the sooner, the better, too. After all, the sooner you build up a following of readers, the quicker you can start earning online!

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