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Need help finding a property management company in Fresno CA?

Does anyone own properties in Fresno and have used a reliable PM? <== this would be the best answer that I’m looking for. Please refer a name (or a bad name). It’d be great if you can recommend one thru personal experience or if you are in the business and know one with a good reputation. Otherwise, please advise how I can go about finding or screening them. Interviewing them on the phone or looking thru the internet is really no help. Please email me any info, thank you so much in advance.

Contact Remax and Century 21 they will be able to help.


  1. Greg

    Contact Remax and Century 21 they will be able to help.References :

  2. oldfatcowboy

    I am a property manager in Kansas City, I met several PM’s from CA at the annual convention for the National Association of Residential Property Managers. go to to find a list of property managers in your area.

    Most states require that anyone managing real estate be licensed as a real estate agent. However not all real estate agents can manage property.

    Make sure you property manager has experience and even certification, education and accreditation in the field of property management.

    Organizations like NARPM and IREM offer education and certifications in the field.
    http://www.narpm.orgReferences :

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