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What constitutes wrongful termination?

A family member was fired on Friday for a) breach of confidentiality at her workplace and in a related way b) internet abuse.

The background is that she has been a very successful office adminsitrator at a not for profit, receiving years of good reviews and a good reputation with most of the staff and volunteers. Upon taking new management in the last few years, she has been "sideways" with the new manager and it’s been clear they’ve been trying to force her out. She was put on probation about 6 months ago and after a check-in, was verbally told things had improved and she was back on track. She was to receive a final close-out of the probation soon, but the manager was procrastinating.

On Friday, she received notice that she was being fired for the above reasons. Seems that she, in preparation for being fired actually – or otherwise wanting documentation to protect herself, sent herself some email exchanges between her and her boss. She sent these email trails from her work email to her personal email.

This is what supposedly constituted an abuse of the internet and also confidentiality. Obviously, the legal argument here is was it breaking confidentiality to tell yourself something you already know. With regards to the internet abuse — the employee handbook cites activities like downloading porn or applications, but doesn’t discuss this aspect of using the internet as being a violation.

She is hoping that there is a case here for unlawful termination. I guess on the premise that what she was accused of is bunk. She would ultimately simply like her job back, but short of that – perhaps she can at least get some better terms for her separation.

Is there any case here?


No, they have her dead to rights on termination for cause.


  1. No, they have her dead to rights on termination for cause.References :

  2. A wrongful termination is a termination that violates law, cba or, employment contractReferences :

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