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Can you help me decide (beware, it's long)?

Not going to beat around the bush, I have 17 story ideas, but I’m not going to show you all of them. Help me decide on one or possibly fuse a few together?..

1 – Basically about a girl who lives in Hawaii, she enters some sort of portal underwater, and she turns into a rainbow fish. At first, she thinks it’s wonderful, she can now hang around under water for more than an hour. But, then she notices.. fish are treated harshly in the world of Atlantis. It kind of reminds her of the Holocaust, but not where there were dead bodies floating everywhere. Will she ever return home, without becoming the princess of Atlantis’ slave first?

2 – Winter break has officially started and Alex and her boyfriend, Trey, are excited to rent a cabin. But, things don’t go the way they planned when they discover James and his girlfriend, Brianna, have also rented the cabin. All the other cabins are full so they have no choice to live together. The cabin is huge, so that’s not the issue. The real issue is whether or not they can live with each other. Trey and James always fought over the same girls, Alex and Brianna have always gossiped about the other behind their back, and countless other things that are too inappropriate to mention. While James and Alex are out grocery shopping (seperately), Brianna and Trey are snowed in with no way out. How on earth..?

3 – An engaged ex-marine is working at a phone company over the summer, but he doesn’t expect to meet the beautiful, carefree girl of his dreams. If you meet the love of your life, are you supposed to let them walk you by? (this is how my grandparents fell in love and it inspired me, so I thought about writing it)

4 – When moving to a new school, Dana surprisingly meets a girl named, Alice. Alice is nice, sweet, and innocent. That is, until she finds out Alice is bulimic. Dana wants to tell someone but she doesn’t know who to tell, until she meets Alice’s protective older brother, Braden. Together, they tell Alice and Braden’s parents and Alice is sent off to recover. Dana comes over to their house daily to give him Alice’s school work before quickly leaving. To Dana, it’s just helping out. To Braden, he knows nothing will ever happen. It’s all in his head. (not too sure on the plot actually, it’s a bit cliche and cheesy..)

5 – Victoria, Summer, and Callum?or more commonly known as the “trio”? have grown up together since Victoria met Summer and Callum in fourth grade. Through laughs, cries, and anger management classes, they have survived long enough to reach high school. But, with love in the air between the two, Victoria starts to feel left out. Summer and Callum forget she even exists at times, even. It’s like a brick, shocking and hard to know how it was coming. Soon, Callum and Summer are “so in love”, and Victoria takes it harder than anyone. Could this cause Victoria to fall for Callum? But, the term is, “Chicks Before D*cks”, correct? Maybe.

6 – One night, David is just walking around his small neighborhood when he spots a girl sleeping in a tree fort. He tries to wake her, but ends up falling asleep at the base of the tree. When he wakes up the next morning, she’s fallen on his lap. Love at first sight? More like love at first flight. (very vague plot, not much is decided)

7 – Claire, a shy girl from a small town, goes to a big city in search of a job. She’s hired as a waitress at a popular restaurant owned by a couple who has a son named, Matt. He’s the arrogant, confident type and usually sleeps around with the waitresses at the restaurant. But, when he tries to seduce Claire, she shyly declines. He’s going to get her no matter what, even if it causes him to lose the reputation as the player.

8 – In her school, everyone thinks they know the "true" Ashlin Campbell, but the only person who does is her online friend, DistinctxP. She thinks she’s in love with DistinctxP, that is, until he soon disappears out of nowhere. She has no one to talk to anymore, until she starts talking to the new kid. At first, he annoys her, but she soon softens up around him. What will happen if DistinctxP starts talking to her again as she starts to fall in love with the new guy?
9 – Phoebe has never had a dream that she remembers?only nightmares. She’s haunted by the death of her little brother, how she watched her kitten die when her house caught fire, and when her grandmother suddenly had a heart attack during Thanksgiving. Her parents decide it’s best for her to move away from all these bad memories. Miraculously, the night before school, she has a dream. A dream about a boy with a piercing in his left ear that wore a doctor’s uniform while performing surgery on her little brother, then wore a fire fighter’s uniform, putting out the devastating fire, and then arriving no second later in an ambulance to tend to her grandmother. She never saw his face in her dream, but she knows he exists.. because she heard his voice. But, what will happen if she meets two boys at her new school with almost the same voice?
10 – Kameron is on the run from the law for something he didn’t do. He goes from garage to garage just for a place to sleep every night. Until one night, he’s discovered by a girl named Annie. She demands he get out before she calls the cops but he begs her to listen to him. She listens as he tells her he has no idea why the law is after him and she lets him stay, not in the garage, but in her bedroom. A teenage boy has hormones traveling his bloodstream constantly, just maybe he can have some self control while staying in a girl’s bedroom.
11 – Matt has finally graduated from high school, and his parents couldn’t be anymore proud. He had straight A’s all four years, and his parents are under the impression that he’s actually going to school to take over their rich business. But, Matt wants to be an artist. His parents aren’t going to let him go so easy once they figure out he ran away from home. They cancel all his credit cards, and have people searching all over for him. All hope is lost for Matt.. until he meets a bored rich girl, pretending to be a lesbian to tick off her parents. Her parents don’t believe her, and she is in a bit of a dilemma. They make a compromise.. Matt dresses up as her "girlfriend" in order to make her parents believe her, and she pays him, giving him enough money to both go to a good college and rent an apartment. But, with his parents looking all over for him, college isn’t a good idea at the moment. He lies low, and she allows him to stay at her place as long as he doesn’t get caught. (insert

I like number two, because you can do a lot of things with that plot.


  1. i personally like number 2 & number 8 (:References :

  2. peapod_13

    I think you should go with number 3 because of the connection to your grandparents. I think it would be really cool to write their story. If they are still around it would be an amazing gift to them as well.References :

  3. MADness! :)

    They’re all pretty generic really, you need more originality and intrigue.

    I think 10 has the most potential.References :

  4. Trisha Larose

    i like number 5 and 2 u are goodReferences :

  5. rgnerjgner

    I like 2 and 10 and 9References :

  6. Whoa, dude. Whoaa.

    I like number two, because you can do a lot of things with that plot.References :

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