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Is the newly founded KUEHNE logistics university a good place to study?

Initially from 2003, KUEHNE school of logistics and management was a part of TUH(Technical University, Hamburg). Now in JAN 2010 Kuehne got separated from TUH to form an independent university in the name of ‘ The KLU(Kuehne Logistics University) ‘. Still they are in the process of foundation. There was no pictures of the university building anywhere to be found online.

1. My doubt is whether it is advisable to study here?
2. Do they have good reputation?
3. Is their degree being recognized all over the world?
4. Overall, is it good to study there, so that me and my degree have a good scope in the future in the field of logistics?

Please explain or guide me in the best possible way.

[NOTE: The KLU is founded by the logistics giants -> KUEHNE + NAGEL logistics]

Information is below.

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