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University Of Phoenix Online Review

University of Phoenix Online is a popular accredited long distance learning university with glowing reputation for educational teaching and excellent student service. The online university degree programs are geared towards busy working adults who can hardly find time to study and commute to classroom lectures and tutorials.

Phoenix University online specializes in current and relevant degrees with basic bachelor degree to Masters and PhDs in business, management, technology management, information systems, education and nursing.

Why study online? This is because for most working adults, taking time off to go to classrooms or university campuses for lessons regularly is not possible due to hectic working schedules and family commitments and thus many working adults are deprived a university education. By giving lessons and tuitions online, the university is able to reach out to these potential students who otherwise may never have a chance to study for a good university degree.

As the degree programs are designed to be long distance online courses, students and undergraduates can simply log on to their computer and start taking lessons straightaway. The convenience of the internet connection makes earning a university degree not only possible but much more affordable as well because the university does not need to count the costs and overhead it needs to spend should students attend classroom lessons. The savings are then passed on to the students.

How long to study for a long distant online degree? Well, this university claimed that on average, most students should complete their degree courses in just two or three years.

For students who are stretching their budgets, there are financial assistance and flexible fee payment plans. Students need to check with the university on the various forms of available financial aids.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about studying for a degree online is that students can study anytime they want to, study wherever they are without the need to travel and without hectic stressful timelines.

The university insist that their degree programs for their online students to be same exacting standard of high quality education, curriculum and resources offered at more than 100 University of Phoenix campuses and learning centers around the world.

Adult students can complete their university education at the times and places most convenient to them. All the students need is a computer, a phone connection, and an internet service provider. Most people in developed countries will have no problem setting this connection up or are already surfing the internet regularly.

With easy to use Internet access software, students can have access to lectures, questions and assignments from their professors and then they can print them out and study the educational materials off-line. Students will also have access to a full range of online research libraries and services. At the same time, they can interact with other successful professionals, sharing ideas, debating issues, and learning from their experience.

Throughout whatever degree courses the students are studying for, their teachers will provide guidance and feedback on their progress regularly.

All interaction is conducted online, so students can participate at their own time and convenience. They never have to rush from the office to class or miss a lecture because of a scheduling conflict.

So if you are a working adult and find that time is a precious commodity and yet you want to earn a university degree, why not enroll with an accredited online university your choice?

Chris Chew


  1. What do you think of the MBA program that The University of Phoenix offers Online? Any reviews?Some people says this Online program is not that good, some other people says it works for them. I am try to decide if I should invest on it or not. Does my employeer would to take seriously or it would look like some kind of joke on my resume? Anny comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks


    I dobt it, I would think you would have more luck if you marry the bosses daughterReferences :

  3. Taranto

    Going to a top 15 MBA program will let you move into any field and give you a six figure salary.

    Going to an MBA program ranked between 16 and 30 will do almost as much for you.

    Going to an MBA program ranked between 31 and 45 will improve your salary — but won’t give you as many options as better programs.

    Going to an unranked MBA program may help you get ahead in your current place of employment — but will do very little for you in terms of getting a better paying job elsewhere or switching fields.

    Getting an MBA on line will do nothing for you. Very few employers will take it seriously — and I suspect that none will pay you more than what you would get without it.

    My advice is to not bother getting an MBA unless you can go to a ranked program.References :

  4. Honestly, as a former student AND instructor at UoPhx, it’s hit and miss with that school.

    They have some fantastic instructors and they have some that, well, let’s say they should probably pay you to sit in their class. The schools has "some" quality control over this but not much is ever done about it.

    As for the on-line program, you’ll find yourself doing more work than the classroom program. The nice part about it is that your can work at your time on just about any given day.

    As will ALL UoPhx programs, they’re accellerated. That means a full semester in 5 or 6 weeks. That’s ok for a few subjects, but what I’ve found is that that’s really not enough time for most people to absorb the information and retain it.

    If you’re looking for a quick degree and a easy high GPA – give ‘em a try. If you really want to learn and then be able to apply what you’ve learned, you may want to look elsewhere.References :

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