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What Reputation Management strategy can help you when people post derogatory information about you?

I first became aware of the whole subject of reputation management when a friend of mine lost a potential million dollar deal, just because one of the investors did a google search and found an old webpage that had false derogatory information.

In this particular case, there was a lawsuit about this person that was put on a webpage by a business rival, but they left out the fact that it was thrown out of court.

Unfortunately this cost my friend not only a million dollar investment, but all the potential fruits that that business could bring. This really opened my eyes.

Here is the big problem. Even if you have a blog, and you have a website, most of the time you will show up as number one in the search results if you are the owner. But in an effort to make the search results balanced, Google will give weight to the webpages of your detractors and include them in the search results. So if you show up as number 1 but someone that has been “wronged” by you shows up at number 4, people that are doing due diligence on you or considering doing business with you can’t help but notice it.

There are a number of ways situations like this can be handled, and unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. If you have a company, and the blogosphere starts to get angry with you, this can be a very difficult proposition indeed, but lets take personal reputation management first. The big problem or issue that many gurus do not address, is that it isn’t enough to control a blog or website, you need to dominate ALL the top 10 search results for your name or term at google. You can’t just create 10 sites on your own and solve the problem because they won’t be authoritatitive. So what do you do? First of all, even if you do know what you are doing, this is not something you should do totally on your own because you simply are not objective enough.

First you need a plan of action and strategy, and one of the first things that has to be determined is- should you contact or can you contact the website owner directly about what they posted about you? Sometimes it is a good thing to do this, sometimes it just makes matters worse. Secondly, should you address the problem or issue and make your own webpage to tell your side of the story?

You should can call us at  (800) 920-1985 and go over this part of the strategy with our free 30 minute consultation before you implement it. The maintainance of your reputation management, however, will have to include how you plan to really control the whole first page of google. Lets say everything that appears on the search results is positive, except for your detractor in position 4. If you can just push that result to the second page, yes people can still find it if they go to the second page of search results, but very few people do. Sometimes all you have to do is take other webpages that are positive about you but lower in the rankings, and push them up. This has the objective of pushing that bad result in position 4 down to position 11, where no one will see it. There are many techniques that can do this, and every situation is unique.

Call us at (800) 920-1985 and go over your situation in confidence with us, and we’ll tell you if we can help, and what we think you need to do in a free 30 minute confidential consultation.Do it now.

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