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Creating a Goals Centred Management System

The start of a new year is an ideal time to rethink what you want to achieve in your business this year. It’s true to say that small and medium businesses must be proactive about creating their future. Without this, things just seem to “happen” without your control. A management system that is “goals-centred” is one tool that the small business can use to craft their future. This is a system of deciding what you are going to do everyday based on the goals you are working toward.

It sounds simple enough, but the research clearly shows that most small businesses don’t set goals – at all. The goal setting process can seem daunting if it’s unfamiliar territory, or if you have so much on your mind that you don’t know where to start. This process will help you to sort through your key issues create forwards by setting goals that are innovative, resolve problems and improve results.

A goal-centred management system has 3 elements:
1. The goal or the objective you want to achieve

2. The activities required to achieve the goals, and

3. The review or evaluation process.

Here are the 5 steps required to put your goal management system in place.

1. Identifying your Goals

Start by asking yourself these three questions. If you have employees, often they have a different view about issues in the business. Including them in this process can be really valuable.

§         What are the three things that irritate me the most about my business right now?

§         What have I been putting off, that I know will have a positive impact on my business?

§         What is working pretty well, but could be improved?

It might help you to think in terms of some common categories such as:

Employees:                 skill levels, right people in right jobs

Managers:                   management style, experience

Customers:                 strength of customer base, number, loyalty etc

Financial:                     cash flow, capital, low debt, profit margins etc

Reputation:                  well-known brand, well regarded

Products/Services:     leading edge, innovative, short time to market, no competition, price

Environment:               flexible work practices, physical working environment, location

Technology:                automated, streamlined, productive

Production:                  capacity, product range

Distribution:                 low cost, efficient

Sales/Marketing          promotion strategy, marketing materials etc

 2. Write down what you want to achieve for each identified goal

With your answers to the questions, actually write down how each thing would look at it’s most successful. Goals should be in writing, in measurable terms and have specific timelines.

For example, if you had chosen technology, your goal might be ”to implement an integrated and automated contact management system by April 30th that takes away most of the manual work I do now.” 

3. Break goals into measurable steps

For each goal that you’ve articulated, break it down into the steps you need to do. You must include timeframes for each step.

In our example, the steps might be:

§         Researching available contact management systems – by 31 Jan

§         Analyse each one along cost, technology implications, ease of learning – by 29 Feb

§         Decide and purchase – March

§         Implement system – April 5th

§         Test and undergo training – by 30 April

Ensure that all the people impacted by a goal fully participate in the crafting of the goal and the action plans.
4. Allocate people to do the actions

Be clear about who is responsible for what activity.

5. Create a fail-safe tracking method to monitor success
This is absolutely essential. Without it, the business will simply continue to react rather than choose it’s own direction. There are many different ways of monitoring. A simple method is to come together once per week and check where each current activity is at. You also get the opportunity to remove obstacles and plan any additional activity. If you work solo, schedule time in your diary each week to track your progress.

This process of constant review and resetting action steps based on actual progress is the hallmark of having a goal centred management system. A simple goal setting process leaves out this vital step.

So make the time and set your business up for success. Invest a few hours each week in careful planning and consideration, and see your business reach it’s true potential.

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Welcome to 2007!

And so begins another year for each of us. How will you set yourself up for the coming year? What will you do differently to give yourself the greatest opportunity to shine? Have your set your goals for the next 12 months, or will you just be content to go along and see what happens?

If you need support in creating your plans, there’s plenty of options out there to assist you. This is where I get to plug “Business Planning Made Simple” – a workbook that takes you right through the process of developing comprehensive plans for your business. And to make it accessible for everyone, it’s only priced at US$9.95. Click here to read more about this product.

Aim high, and if you only get half way there, that’s still further than you would have got if you had done nothing! And if you need help in working out what to do, hire a coach or someone else to support you in stretching yourself out of your comfort zone.

I wish each of you much success in the coming year. Let’s help each other to become more successful in our fields of endeavour.

Megan Tough


  1. Can someone tell me if this is a well-written professional resume? any feed back or critique is fine?Detail-minded individual seeking a position where I can utilize my strong interpersonal and communication skills with experience working with families and children, case management, and administrative settings. I also have linguistic abilities of speaking fluent Spanish that make me a valuable addition to your organization.

    Bayfront Youth and Family Services 2006- 2010 Long Beach, CA.
    Unit Coordinator
    •Coordinated all medical and legal documents. billing.
    •Generated monthly and quarterly reports for management.
    •Translated for therapists and educational staff.
    •Created and organized a tracking system of legal documents for staff to efficiently use.
    •Received Leadership Award by management for improving medical services in the residential program.
    •Received numerous letters of recommendation, appreciation from management.

    Kedren Community Mental Health Center – 2005- 2006 Los Angeles, CA.
    Case Manager- Children’s Outpatient
    • Interviewed/screened clients and developed treatment plans for clients.
    • Managed referrals and mental health services for clients.
    • Served as a liaison to community health providers, services, hospitals, and other resources.
    • Demonstrated ability to maintain composure and work efficiently preserving client confidentiality.
    • Accomplished the screening, planning and offering of good services.

    Peace and Joy Care Center- 2005-2005 Lynwood, Ca.
    Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing Case Manager
    • Provided case management services to families being shelter with motel vouchers. Ten families in a one two year transitional housing program.
    • Provided close support to female survivors of domestic violence, budgeting skills, self-awareness, self-esteem skills, with a focus on self-sufficiency.
    • Assist in setting employment, education and long-term housing goals.

    H.V. Group Home, Inc. – 2004- 2005 Long Beach, CA.
    Youth Counselor- Group Home
    • Counseled juveniles with behavioral problems in a Level 14 group home.
    • Effectively promoted safety and well-being of all adolescents.
    • Taught groups on life skills, anger management, and positive self-image.
    • Charted and filed notes for social workers and probation dept.

    Mckinney Jenkins Behavior Programs- 2002- 2003 Carson, CA.
    Program Assistant- (Day Treatment Program)
    • Supervised adults with developmental disabilities in a behavior management program.
    • Helped client’s work towards goals such as self-help, communication, and basic living skills.
    • Documented on client’s treatment goals and progress in program.
    • Supported clients in taking them out into the community.


    California State University Dominguez Hills- 05/2001 Carson, CA
    • Obtained Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
    • Concentration Courses: Behavior Modification, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology.

    • Proficient in MS Office including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet Explorer.
    • Certified in First Aid/CPR from American Red Cross.

  2. Tandem Resumes

    I have had a chance to look over your resume and have a few suggestions that I think could help you take the document to the next level.

    1. I think you might want to forgo the Objective Statement (objectives are best left for the cover letter and are falling out of favor) and instead use a Branding Statement – a one or two sentence statement that outlines your high level experience and helps to create the "frame" through which the reader will see your information. Much of what you have put in the Objective Statement would work well. You might try something like:

    "Detail-focused and compassionate professional, offering extensive Case Management, Program Management and Administrative experience. Track record of leveraging outstanding communication and interpersonal skills – including speaking fluent Spanish – to provide the guidance and tools necessary to effect positive change, both within families and within the organizations that support them."

    See how that achieves the same goal as an objective, but communicates so much more. It also is a much more engaging way to open the document.

    2. Many of your bullet points are responsibility focused. I think you could really set yourself apart by speaking more to accomplishments. I know this can be difficult in your field (which is why it would set you apart) but since prior performance is the best indicator of future success, speaking to accomplishments is the most effective way to engage the reader. Ask yourself the following question, "In each of my roles, how was my success measured? What metrics were I evaluated on?" Those instances when you met or exceeded those goals make for excellent bullet points.

    3. Small item. You don’t need to say "obtained" before your degree. By listing a degree, you are automatically saying you obtained it.

    4. Take a close look at your bullet points and make certain the grammar is correct. I see a few areas were the grammar isn’t as tight as it could be.

    I hope that helps. It looks like you do really important work, so thank you for that! Best of luck in your job search.References : Professional Resume Writer and Career Development Specialist:

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