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Grant Crowell on Reputation Management at SES San Jose 2009 Grant Crowell, reporting for ReelSEO, talks about the Brand, Trademark and Reputation Management session at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose conference 2009. The session panel featured a mix of industry professionals who discuss how online video abuse is a growing problem for businesses. There are proper methods for monitoring reputation and brand and ways in which to manage your reputation online.

For more about the session as well as tips for managing your reputation with online video and SEO, go to:

Here is a preview of some of those tips:
– Find out what popular sites show in your target SERPs
– Use a monitoring tool
– If you respond, then respond as positively as you can
– If you respond, make your response where the original video audience can see it
– Dont forget the Video SEO strategy

Duration : 0:2:51

[youtube 5Hz5dMYvJ54]

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