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Gregory Markel at METal Breakfast 9/18/2010

Digital Reputation Management,
From DIY Google Alerts to Enterprise Level Platforms and Strategies:
A Briefing on Application, Technology, Methodology, Strategy, and Perspective.

In a real-time information and technology empowered public world, digital reputation can be impacted both positively and negatively in an instant.
Gregory Markel’s Infuse Creative has architected and managed Reputation Management campaigns for global corporations, nonprofits, governments, politicians, professional athletes and celebrities since 2001.
In this briefing, mainly focused on enterprise level scenarios, he will discuss current best practice approaches to digital reputation management strategies including:
A) Proactive reputation and contingency planning efforts.
B) Popular Monitoring platforms, technology and methodology strengths and weaknesses.
C) The role of technology, strategy, content, and crowd sourcing in reactive strategies. The presentation will be followed by Q & A.

Duration : 0:1:2

[youtube 2FbKTWzTVXc]

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