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Jay Handler Speaks on Reputation Management

I had an interesting conversation today with a mortgage officer from a local bank. He told me that his company had “outlawed” social media for fear that someone might say some unkind things. Guess what I told them!

Duration : 0:3:29

[youtube TKDobijhLU8]


  1. johnstrosnider

    Hi, Jay! Well said. … Hi, Jay! Well said. I hope you get through to the decision makers at that company. Sticking their head in the sand does no one any good–not the employees, not the shareholders, not their suppliers and certainly not their customers.

    Go get ‘em and good luck!

  2. k180trainer

    Very timely message … Very timely message for a lot of companies. Very much an echo of what I’ve seen Gary Vaynerchuk talk about. Great content.

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