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1. We use written content around your companies industries to get people to see your company and your stock.
2. We also use this content to linkbuild to your website to rank your website on industry specific keywords.
3. We use simple videos around your company to get people to see your company and you as an industry leader, Youtube is the 3rd largest search engine in the world. We also use these videos on a handful of other highly visited websites.
4. We write keyword specific press releases to get the word out about your company. There is a certain way a press release needs to be written to get the most people to see it online.
5. We have people on our staff that contacts blogs in the industry to get a built in audience for your industry to learn about your company.
6. We have people on our staff that goes into investor forums to talk about your company and keep the conversation going.
7. Finally we pay for traffic to your company and your stock using banner ads on investor sites and other sites related to finding investors for your stock. We also use paid traffic to bring you customers for your company.

All of the above services help to get your company found online which helps with finding your customers and investors for your company.

Positive Revolution Inc
San Diego, CA

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