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Personal Brand Strategy- How Do I Protect My Internet Identity?

If I have lots of information about myself on the Internet, how do I protect myself from some crazy blogger who wants to smear the reputation I’ve spent years building?

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr made the decision to team up after meeting twice a month over several years in a business-development group and discussing their mutual passion for marketing and business growth. They quickly became know to be the Get Out guys who help you create a powerful online reputation.

Watch this video as you see them answer one of ten questions they recently recorded for their clients. This video is free… the information is priceless

Their partnership is the chemical reaction that results from locking a marketing-crazed MBA and a entrepreneurial psychologist in a room for too long. There is a very exciting and important story to share with you.

And after working together only six months, they wrote a book in under 91 days and took it to #1 Best Seller on’s List for Entrepreneurs. And during their first year they produced record-setting videos and a do-it-yourself course to teach you how they did it. First they work out all the kinks and then they show you how to do it too.

How Can You Profit From Their Experiences?

You are taken through a process called Create Your Own Legend Now in video, audio, and print. Through that process, you get positioned not just to stand out but to Get Out from the limitations imposed by being identified solely as a member of your professional peer group.

It’s time you claim your unique professional identity based on your professional expertise, your unique autobiographical history (your “Legend”), and by playing to the strengths of your unique personality profile. If you trade Time for Money (where you’re paid an hourly fee for a service rendered, as most doctors, dentists, therapists, and coaches are) and feel stuck on the TimeTrap Plateau, you have come to the right place to learn how to break free forever.

How Do They Do All That For You?

If you suffer with a Dii (Disastrous Internet Identity), they solve that first. Though negative online statements about you seemed harmless at first, their growing impact can take down your business.

They then take you through their four phases, including Assess, Define, Create, and Monitor. The goal is to develop and establish a powerful online brand, to dominate search results around specific keywords, to develop and communicate a compelling professional narrative, and to use a steady stream of original, multi-media content to project your expert image (and shield your online reputation from those who might seek to stain it).

Beyond that, they help experts to make The Shift, as they described in their #1 best-selling book, Hey You… Don’t Stand Out – Get Out! (The PersonalSuccess Marketing 40-20-40 System To Rescue The Highly-Trained Professional). The Shift takes you from trading one hour of time for one hourly fee and helps you create information products (like videos, audio recordings, and books). Face it: you probably are already charging at or near the top of your competitive fee structure AND you have NO more time to work (in fact, you probably want to get time BACK so you can enjoy your life).

There is tremendous value in what you know. But what you know is trapped within you in a form that cannot easily be delivered to the many people who can benefit from your expertise. Once you have your knowledge captured, packaged, and delivered to a much wider audience, THEN you will have made The Shift: you produce once and get paid forever.

Then they help you Unleash Your Rock Star Identity AND become a Best Selling Author in Under 91 Days so that you will dominate your market with video, podcasting, blogging, public speaking, and the development of Information Products.

Together you focus on both message development and content broadcast and distribution.

So which level of their services is right for you:

• Done-For-You Services, where you agree on what needs to be done and then THEY do it?

• Consulting, where they advise you along the path you have agreed upon?

• Training and Coaching Programs, where they teach you, lead you, and support you?

• Do-It-Yourself Products, where Dr. Marc and Charlie provide information through video, audio, and print and you do the work at your own pace?

Discover how Dr. Marc and Charlie became #1 Best-Selling Authors and dominate with their videos – see all the videos, listen to podcasts, read the posts, and sign up with your name and primary email address so all of you can stay in touch – there is SO much on their site!

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