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PR 2.0 and the Social Media Release Bill Daring

On Thursday 15th January, Bill Daring presented to students at Manchester Business School on the topic of PR 2.0 and the Social Media Release.

Most of the UK’s population is now online blogging, chatting, visiting message boards and exchanging news and views. The introduction of web 2.0 and the implications of social networks have encouraged a change in marketing methods. We need to understand comment generated on the internet, and new ways of distributing our own content.

The PR industry has changed very little over recent years, and is the one area of Marketing that has been left behind. Whilst the PR industry is still using the existing process of building news, writing reports, schmoozing, and broadcasting messages to anyone with an inbox, marketing professionals have been busy developing much more exciting and efficient methods of delivering content.

A Social Media Release is an on line news release designed to complement the traditional press release by addressing a more interactive social media audience. It is a different proposition from targeted distribution of news, and is much more about “syndicated distribution”.

Bill Darings presentation explains how to maximise syndication via social bookmarking and targeted social media sites; how to manage external blog comments, and even more useful, help you to understand these comments and use this information to help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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