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Sports Reputation Crisis Experiment: Research Presentation

UGA Grady College PR undergraduate students Kristin Ballard, Leah Bishop, Molly Davis, Holly DeJong, Jacqueline Derron, Alexandra Lanier, Megan Trammell, Van Vu, Casie Walker, and Mackenzie Washington present their original research Sports Reputation Management: Crisis Communication Among Professional Athletes. This post-test only quasi-experiment manipulates the variables of response strategy and history of drug usage to examine the effects of crisis communication strategies of professional athletes. The most prominent hypothesis in the study was that the mortification response strategy will have a positive impact on reputation management when paired with no history of drug use. Results indicated that history of drug usage is a more important factor than the communication response strategy used by a professional athlete who has been accused of using illegal drugs. This research was conducted as a part of Dr. Kaye Sweetser’s fall 2009 ADPR 3510 undergraduate Public Relations Research class at UGA’s Grady College. Their final research report is at

Duration : 0:7:47

[youtube Mjn5LW_Hdys]

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