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As Told By Ginger ep Fast Reputation PT 1

“Fast Reputation” February 13, 2002 (2002-02-13) 203
After being called a “nice” girl for too long, Ginger, along with Dodie and Macie, crash a high school party. There, she runs into a “cool guy” named Jake. Rumors spread that Ginger and Jake made out and her reputation is ruined. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey start their own food cart business featuring dishes with gross-out names.

Duration : 0:10:59

[youtube sFIMVnRTZ1M]


  1. rainbowanimechica

    Wow that guy … Wow that guy actually does looks hot. The one Ginger has a crush from. Reminds me of Ren from NANA.

  2. passionatelover7

    this is one of my … this is one of my favorite ginger episodes. wow macie was kinda annoying in this episode. but she does have a point though. ha ha carl is a cild prodigy in cooking. ha ha.

  3. passionatelover7

    @ithastobecatchy … @ithastobecatchy why i like macie. macie is awesome. its dodie who annoys the outta me the most.

  4. sexybrand18

    8:08 one of … 8:08 one of ginger’s hairties is black

  5. Jayy630

    @AnarchistGoth … @AnarchistGoth LMAOOO!! !Thats my favorite line, Macie is so funnyyyyyy

  6. zoeticify

    sometimes adult … sometimes adult need new challenges. hahahahah

  7. hellojazzii

    that guy and those … that guy and those girls would NOT be considered cool. o___o
    and ginger’s pajamas are more stylish than her normal outfits.
    i like her hair up.

  8. Enchant0524

    ooh i forgot about … ooh i forgot about this episodes, its a good one

  9. AnarchistGoth

    That girls gonna … That girls gonna twist her spine all the way to the emergency room


  10. 415girlsf

    That cooking … That cooking teachers voice is Blake Grippling

  11. iPrettyGrlNique

    was this show thee … was this show thee qreatest or whaaatt????

  12. mahreenoo

    “Today the Foutleys … “Today the Foutleys! Tomorrow…everyone else who eats…”

    lol xD

  13. jenni77ify

    i wish this show … i wish this show came back!!!BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  14. 80sgirl2010

    Today the Foutleys, … Today the Foutleys, tomorrow, uh everyone else who eats. lol

  15. 80sgirl2010

    Lol, this episode … Lol, this episode is nostalgic, I remember watching it late at night on Nicktoons
    one night when I couldn’t sleep

  16. Summer1736

    could u please try … could u please try and upload “as told by ginger – gym class confidential” ??? i have’t seen it in yrs. hope u can do it.

  17. immaeatchu336

    Why aren’t the kids … Why aren’t the kids grinding up against each other and smoking weed?

  18. oliviaK0

    that gril that cuts … that gril that cuts in front of ginger… purple lipstick? really?

  19. DaCaNDYlady1

    that girls gonna … that girls gonna twist her spine all the way to the emergency room LOL

  20. finabreezybabe

    Ah! I miss this … Ah! I miss this show more than anything! It was SO real, and something that everyone could relate to. I LOVED IT!!! I miss all these shows – As told by ginger, hey arnold, ahh! real monsters, rugrats :(
    best cartoons. ever. now they suck

  21. needles1987

    1:05 Fresh Prince … 1:05 Fresh Prince reference.

  22. jayecab

    “carl in charge of … “carl in charge of dinner? but mom…i wanna live!” Haha :P

  23. ithastobecatchy

    macy annoys the … macy annoys the out of me

  24. gamelvr1

    wow ginger is a … wow ginger is a moron in the episode. what retard to rebel just because of what some kids said

  25. earlybirdie03

    Dude. This is my … Dude. This is my favorite Ginger episode. The Favorite *___* Thanks so much for putting this up.

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