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As Told By Ginger – Episode 23: "Fast Reputation" (Part 1/2)

After being called a “nice” girl for too long, Ginger, along with Dodie and Macie, crash a high school party. There, she runs into a “cool guy” named Jake. Rumors spread that Ginger and Jake made out and her reputation is ruined. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey start their own food cart business featuring dishes with gross-out names.

Duration : 0:11:54

[youtube mTu8aErUXUY]


  1. rainbowmuppet

    No junior high … No junior high students are allowed to be chillin’, maxin’ or relaxin’ outside of their schools near the wall. Nor will any shootin’ b-ball near the wall be tolerated. If you get into even one little fight, we will hold the right to send you to Bel-Air, where you can get your act straightened out. That is all.

  2. redwaterman6

    i wanna eat some of … i wanna eat some of carl’s food yummy

  3. Graphicnovelinferno7

    When the …
    When the pricipal was talking about the wall. xD
    “Maxin’ relaxin’ and chillin’.”
    I believe that is a Fresh Prince refference.
    How awesome was this show? <3

  4. mslov3ly20

    Macy said… That … Macy said… That Girls gnna twist her spine all tha way into tha emergancy room…. LMAOOOO!! *DEAD*

  5. ApplePirate49

    definitely not like … definitely not like any high party i went to. I thought I saw a keg for a second but it turned out to be the little pool.

  6. I want try Carls … I want try Carls fooooood!!

  7. zeldafreak701

    Geez you’d think … Geez you’d think Jake was a college drop out or something.

  8. krush4live1

    Ginger: Whats for … Ginger: Whats for diner?
    Mom: Beats me ask your brother.
    Ginger: Carl? in charge of diner? but mom i wanna live.

    hilarious XD

  9. aliasgirl47

    Thank God for … Thank God for youtube!!! This is where you can find all the shows that don’t come on TV anymore!! I found Alias here, then Hey Arnold, and now Ginger!!!!!

  10. Buizeru421

    @allaturca216 I had … @allaturca216 I had to pause for a minute and laugh when I read that. You made my day.

  11. allaturca216

    Will Patterson’s … Will Patterson’s gonna chug 50 cherry colas and demo extreme type II diabeetus.

  12. musikbox08

    “Slick Willy” huh?
    “Slick Willy” huh?
    guess the writers didnt really think bout how vogue that one sounded
    thats not pG 13 that’s ex rated (as a nickname anyway)

  13. dancesoccerstar

    haha! “observe as … haha! “observe as they bust a move to the funky remix!” whoever wrote macie’s lines was a genious!

  14. AshantiGuerdyShow123


  15. ilovesimsx

    Aaw I miss this … Aaw I miss this show all the characters relate to my life

  16. stewielove101

    I know how Ginger … I know how Ginger feels i’m the nice girl too. It can be hard sometimes lol

  17. mipsy is such a … mipsy is such a her nick name “mips” sounds like a disease you would get from sleeping with her lol

  18. haha “that girl is … haha “that girl is gonna brake her spine all the way to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    i love macie!!!!

  19. thishoneyisastunna

    ughh macie’s voice … ughh macie’s voice is annoying!

  20. asherslovesyams

    gingers hair looks … gingers hair looks like the nickeolen sign.

  21. they make niceness … they make niceness sound bad i really do hate mipsy and miranda….courtney’ is kinda decent

  22. BlondeCurlsBlueEyes

    @SaiyanAvatar It … @SaiyanAvatar It was in the first episode, “Ginger the Juvey” – Miranda convinces Ginger to attempt to steal an ‘Enter’ sign from outside a bank for Courtney’s birthday party, when Ginger doesn’t know what to get her, but then Miranda calls her dad (who is a cop) and gets her arrested

  23. SaiyanAvatar

    @ … @BlondeCurlsBlueEyes what did she get it for, i musta missed that ep

  24. BlondeCurlsBlueEyes

    I forgot Ginger had … I forgot Ginger had a criminal record haha :D Bit of a jolt there

  25. loveylovechick

    lol, i would have … lol, i would have said the say thing if my brother was cooking dinner

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