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ATBG – Fast Reputation (Part 1/2)

After being called a “nice” girl for too long, Ginger, along with Dodie and Macie, crash a high school party. There, she runs into a “cool guy” named Jake. Rumors spread that Ginger and Jake made out and her reputation is ruined. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey start their own food cart business featuring dishes with gross-out names.

Duration : 0:13:17

[youtube U_8jKvLLTQY]


  1. Story97Teller

    why would you? kiss … why would you? kiss someone who just lost their nachos? eewwww

  2. hairman180

    lol fried? bunyans lol fried? bunyans

  3. Rockandrollangel666

    Because High School … Because High School students totally drink? “Cherry cola.”

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