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CBL Fails 2 "altered evidence" (how hypocrisy ruins your reputation)

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All I’m trying to say is “do not be fooled” they cannot be trusted so blindly. They might “police CA” but who is the one watching them? They can make anyone clean or dirty as they please and I think I have enough proof here to make this 2 players cleans so CBL apologize to this 2 players since you guys ruined their reputation that’s if you have the guts to do it(hypocrites). Please send me a PM with the link for the apology I’ll make sure the players in this video get the message.

Here is the DISPUTE VIDEO from “e5Lix”:

For the people that don’t know aimbots snap to target:
^—simple video of 1 type of aimbot.

Who is watching CBL they can do whatever they want make someone dirty/clean no repercussions they can ruin someones reputation and then sweep everything under the rug as if nothing happened. Who gave them that power? who said they have the rigth to de_stroy someones reputation? and ARE THEY REALLY QUALIFIED TO CLAIM SOMEONE DIRTY? This video proves that they do “favors” and “favorite” reports from some people.

DO NOT trust CBL there is no such thing as the “Legit Community” if they do this kind of dirty deals then who knows if they are hiding evidence. Respect to the 2 players for not backing down and not getting a name change.

As of Sunday-Feb 20-2012 Facial-Abuse has been banned I guess de_stroyed sending over 18 tickets and the slander from CBL really helped getting him banned.

Duration : 0:4:13

[youtube L0HfJgFb0Wo]


  1. @ForcedReconCA … @ForcedReconCA aug_wogl and Ilovevomit or whatever were the first GOA’s but they hacked and came in 1 month of each other i believe. Notorious got banned for hacking , the video is on youtube actually . It’s truly up he did that , that stained BB and BB is nothing w/o noto.

  2. ForcedReconCA

    i alrdy …
    i alrdy know dat dere r high rank hackers lol dere was a General hackler but got baned lol

  3. @ForcedReconCA … @ForcedReconCA check out bloodb0thercontane , he shows how corrupt LGC is and how CBL works to defend the LGC verified hackers. CBL , Nexon and LGC are super corrupt websites , hackers get away with anything they want. They also focus on the low rank hackers more. Believe it or not , but some LTC’s in this game are closet hackers.

  4. ForcedReconCA

    wao.. i c how cbl … wao.. i c how cbl is corrupt so i dun respect cbl from now thx for showing me dat =)

  5. @MoonlightGTCA true … @MoonlightGTCA true, thats why its corrupt. Once they get their own server and host the files on it, then the game will be normally playable without hackers.

  6. MoonlightGTCA

    @XzibitCA Nexon … @XzibitCA Nexon isn’t in control of their anti cheat system, honey. :D

  7. @fastfighter I just … @fastfighter I just think this game is and will be up until nexon has finally patched all the hacks and clean the game, till then you’ll never know who’s “pro” and who’s not.

  8. fastfighter

    @XzibitCA Let’s be … @XzibitCA Let’s be real NO ONE knows how the banning happen how many people send tickets to get NOTORIOS banned? Some say it depends on the # of reports someone has some that they monitor your PC. IF it was really GM’s who got him banned it would say “Ingame GM action” that I know for sure… now how many people from de_stroyed and CBL send tickets trying to get facial banned? Let’s talk real CA it’s not run by legits. Cheaters will always win I’m only doing this cos I can’t ‘just’ look away.

  9. @fastfighter Maybe … @fastfighter Maybe not with this evidence; but the first time he got banned because of this, then they unbanned him and started monitoring him; that dumb a** didnt stop hacking and got banned, again.
    I have personally played with him in OMA; he didnt seem legit. But as we all know its nexons choice so..

  10. fastfighter

    @XzibitCA Let me … @XzibitCA Let me ask you this: Did he really deserved getting banned with this kind evidence? or was it the work of over 20 tickets send to Nexon by de_stroyed? Did the slander from CBL had anything to do with it?

  11. CAKique1996

    @Elementalflames1 … @Elementalflames1 Even if he is legit?

  12. First FallenDark22 … First FallenDark22 FTW, Then Facial-Abuse is legit.. Turning that fast is possible dummies, people thesen days, will call hacks on you when your freking legit. I mean common kids, grow up and stop hackusating . . . Fk them haterz And Hackusters.

  13. Elementalflames1

    YO bro he got … YO bro he got banned i Was so happy when i saw it XD g

  14. Chomegiddo

    Didn’t facial Abuse … Didn’t facial Abuse get banned due to the zero tolerence to hacking thing?

  15. iPwnUNewbiesCA

    @SimonPhanCA It … @SimonPhanCA It won’t be long before your bust team go ban Greatfullded as Greatfuilded. You immature little faggots know Fallen doesn’t hack, making you insolent bastards actually LOOK like rainbow dick suckers. Now go ride your daddy’s and shut the up.

  16. iPwnUNewbiesCA

    @SimonPhanCA Youre … @SimonPhanCA Youre the biggest I’ve ever seen. You and your bust team can go orgy with and sit the down. Your bust videos don’t even have evidence. Fallen has his clan emblem on his sleeve and your “FailenDark22″ player doest have it. Why so cautious to not move your mouse over the character? Now that it’s fake it means it was set up and it means your bust member OPKed for the video. You tell me why you are so ignorant trying so hard to ban him and all the legit players

  17. Iceblade157

    Unfortunately, … Unfortunately, Nexon bans are usually final T_T

  18. TheS1ngularity

    Both xRyz_ (On team … Both xRyz_ (On team Equality’s team) and Facial-Abuse are banned
    Not to mention Rzy likes to upload videos with his no spread/recoil on

  19. 123warp321

    facial abuse mad … facial abuse mad twitches

    I play junk flea OMA with him all the time

    who cares if the evidence is messed up

    whatever take him off CBL

    nexo bans for aimbot not “3 snaps”

    he aimbots and he really does twitch in my games

  20. SevenszTheGAMER

    Probably plays at … Probably plays at high sensitivity?

  21. DrBaestage

    Feel bad for Facial … Feel bad for Facial…The corruption is crazy. That’s why I’ve been playing A.V.A. instead of Combat Arms. CBL can burn >_>

  22. Nosferazool

    Good, Facial wasn’t … Good, Facial wasn’t legit anyway.

  23. Facial got banned – … Facial got banned -.-

  24. Facial-Abuse is … Facial-Abuse is banned.[perm]

  25. @MoonlightGTCA … @MoonlightGTCA yoiitzmo @ Shaka Ponk – How We Kill Stars

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