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Dark Obsession by Allison Chase BookPeek

They say that spirits haunt Blackheath Moor…

They wed in haste—Nora Thorngoode, to save her ruined reputation, and Grayson Lowell, to rescue his estate from foreclosure for unpaid debts. Each resents the necessity to exchange vows that will bind them for all time, and yet from the first, passion flames between them… quickly engulfing them in a sensual obsession…

But soon the lover that Nora married becomes a dark stranger to her, a man torn apart by guilt over his brother Tom’s recent, mysterious death…and driven half-mad by ghostly specters who demand that Gray expose the truth. Has Nora married a murderer whose wicked deeds blacken everything around them? Or, together, in the secret passageways of Blackheath Grange and along Cornwall ‘s remote coastline, can Gray and Nora discover what really happened that terrible night…and in setting free the troubled ghosts, free themselves as well?

Duration : 0:1:19

[youtube uUC3cRb73SY]


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