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Ford – Fighting the Crushing Inevitability of Existence

I have the sudden urge to get all existential…so I will.

There are certain things that will never change, regardless of time or tide. British summer-times will always be grey affairs permeated occasionally by a pathetic ray of sun, Pease Porridge is a dish that will never be eaten by anyone south of Carlisle and Bob Geldof will always be a self-righteous crab with more in common, genetically, with a sewer rat than a human being. Amongst all this irretrievably crushing monotony there is one constant that refuses to disappoint and continues to delight; the simple pleasure of driving a Ford car.

Ford have always been inherently capable of producing cars that exceed expectation in almost every category it is possible to evaluate a car by. The engines are always high performing, but economical and ecological. The handling is always pin-point precise and the envy of many ‘higher-brand’ manufacturers. The very experience of being sat in a Ford is a pleasant one, combining comfort and practicality almost effortlessly.

Sadly though, some greedy merchant bankers went a bit OTT recently and now the country is ruined financially. It would be perfectly accurate to say that a Tramp’s soiled hankie is probably worth more than your house right now, so it would also be a fair assumption that you’re not exactly going to be ‘flash for cash’. Therefore it is face-smashing-into-a-brick-wall annoyance when your old motor breaks down for the last time and you realise you need a new one. What are you going to buy a new car with? Magic beans? Pleasant thoughts? Mother-in-law’s homemade crumble??? Not likely. You need a cheap car that is also reliable, stylish, well-performing and has room for the entire family. What a surprise! You’ve found yourself at a used Ford Dealership!

The Ford range has does a pretty good job at catering for all tastes, styles and persuasions of human-life. Are you single? Looking for a nippy little number, with a growly engine, neat looks and cool-points to boot? Look out for a used Ford Fiesta 2.0 ST 3dr Hatchback. Are you married, with two kids and an unquenchable passion for golf? Why not keep your eyes peeled for a Used Ford 2.5 ST 5dr Hatchback. Are you an executive, with lots of travelling to do, great impressions to make and need reliability and great performance? What you need is a Used Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Ghia. There is virtually no lifestyle or situation that cannot be perfectly catered for by one of the Ford family. You would be hard pushed to find better quality for your hard-earned cash as well.

Ford are also in possession of an enviable reputation in terms of reliability and very low cost repair and maintenance. In the current dire economic climate it is extremely important to be sure that your investment is not going to let you down as soon as your drive off the forecourt. Ford arguably offers a better guarantee with their reputation than virtually any other car manufacturer and that kind of peace of mind is very hard to come by these days.

It has to be said though, that if you are genuinely economically and ecologically concerned, maybe a pushbike might be the best idea…

Pete J Ridgard

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