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Kuwait Renegs on Dow deal

a ruined reputation for kuwait

Duration : 0:4:12

[youtube kLUKBe_MZ8I]


  1. q8kuwait10

    Hahaha how was … Hahaha how was Kuwaits reputation ruined? It’s a business deal, theirs nothing personal about it…I don’t understand why people care so much…the state of Kuwait did not get affected one bit..

  2. lisabinsa

    If you can’t … If you can’t imagine this happening in the US think again, it almost did. A fatal explosion occurred on Aug. 28, 2008 in Institute, WV. at the Bayer CropScience Chemical plant. This deadly explosion could have easily eclipsed Bhopal India. Bayer CropScience is the only chemical plant in the World that makes and stores enough MIC daily that can cause this kind of mass holocaust.

  3. shegardy123

    ??? …
    ??? ?????????

  4. Waveth

    cool story bro. … cool story bro. Would have been a bad decision for Kuwait if they didn’t back out.

  5. binhamad

    NO … Kuwait’s … NO … Kuwait’s reputation hasn’t been ruined, its dow’s reputation that was ruined, trying to sell something worth in reality much less, decieving its partner.

    By the way, many will come to beg for oil rich country’s money, i.e. Kuwait, other than Dow.

  6. hassanq8hq8

    ?????? ??? ?????? ???

  7. 7Hook

    Kuwait’s social … Kuwait’s social security (PIFSS) lost money with Madoff

  8. wanoooy

    its gonna take more … its gonna take more than a little petrochemical company to deceive us … great decision from a great country … we to go :)


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  10. odin422

    two faggots. two faggots.

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