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Lancia – greatest number of great cars (Top Gear) HQ Part 1

At this time – Jeremy and Richard review different cars from the car company which they declared had the greatest number of great cars – Lancia. Despite the ruined reputation Lancia had because of the rusty Beta salloons, James and Richard loved the cars Lancia made. The Stig then did a power lap with a Hawk HF3000 (a continuation car of the Lancia Stratos), which broke down on its first attempt. When it was finally fixed, the car’s lack of traction and the very wet conditions combined to make the Stig spin out twice during the lap (in Chicago and the Second to the Last Corner), giving the Hawk Stratos the slowest power lap in the show’s history at 1:48.2.

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[youtube a1Xu1GcNJIw]


  1. iLoicQc

    where is porsche? where is porsche?

  2. dottorrent

    ‘The ganna for … ‘The ganna for instance exploded everytime you turned the steering wheel’ XD

  3. Superchickenman159

    i loled i loled

  4. Aldaan3333

    matchbox rofl matchbox rofl

  5. aserta

    1991 Juha KANKKUNEN … 1991 Juha KANKKUNEN (FIN), Lancia Delta Lancia
    1989 Massimo BIASION (ITA), Lancia Delta Lancia
    1988 Massimo BIASION (ITA), Lancia Delta Lancia
    1987 Juha KANKKUNEN (FIN), Lancia Delta Lancia
    1978 Markku ALEN (FIN), Fiat 131 & Lancia Stratos Fiat
    1977 Sandro MUNARI (ITA), Lancia Stratos F Fiat
    1976 – Lancia
    1975 – Lancia
    1974 – Lancia

  6. telhacerta

    @rolid311 Thank you … @rolid311 Thank you so much =)

  7. rolid311

    @telhacerta Craig … @telhacerta Craig Armstrong – Gentle Piece

  8. telhacerta

    what’s the song … what’s the song playing at 3:53?? Please, answer, and thanks (Y)

  9. rdylima9

    Wow, didn’t expect … Wow, didn’t expect that.

  10. gasfgiop

    6:18 “And just … 6:18 “And just because something’s unreliable doesn’t mean it isn’t great… Stephen Hawking – great bloke -, even though a lot of him doesn’t work.”

    Epic xD Jer, you scalawag!

  11. josephroughan

    they forgot about … they forgot about the delta s4 which was the most

  12. MrMuhammet1995

    lol lol

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