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Mario Strikers Charged: Ranked Special 3 [Part 5/5] [Version 1]

“Boo Deking is the path to the Cheap Side. Boo Deking leads to addiction, addiction leads to a misleading record; misleading record leads to a ruined reputation.” Isn’t that right? :o

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Part 2:
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Creation Date: November 13, 2010

Duration : 0:12:2

[youtube 9JYxuVAX4mI]


  1. alfonseca842

    O.o that goal 2:28 O.o that goal 2:28

  2. alfonseca842

    @R9378 hello :D @R9378 hello :D

  3. alfonseca842

    @R9378 hello :D @R9378 hello :D

  4. @alfonseca842 Um… … @alfonseca842 Um…hello?

  5. alfonseca842

    I am Alfonseca … I am Alfonseca jajajaj: D
    Usb loader (ocarina) .l.

  6. @MSCownage And more … @MSCownage And more fair… :/

  7. MSCownage

    boo deke is SOOO … boo deke is SOOO NOOBish. with my boo i jsut do a chip trick shot its cooler and faster.

  8. @yoshi8992 Hence my … @yoshi8992 Hence my description of this video. It is obvious where I based the quote on.

  9. yoshi8992

    Why would he boo … Why would he boo deke? That trick is so lame. Anyway I face a lot of people who use so what I do is use it against them,or try to stop them from even using it.

  10. nestim0330

    @R9378 oh @R9378 oh

  11. @nestim0330 … @nestim0330 Apparently, his connection caused him to disconnect right after Game 1…

  12. nestim0330

    @R9378 i met him … @R9378 i met him randomly and he quit…

  13. @nestim0330 I just … @nestim0330 I just played him recently.

  14. nestim0330

    yoshi quit against … yoshi quit against me

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