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Othello- Reputation/ Nature of Honor

english project

Audrey- Iago
Natalie- Brabantio/ Othello/ Montano
Gianna- Cassio
Christie- Desdemona

Our project shows the themes of reputation and nature of honor in Othello. Iago is wearing a sign that says reputation but unlike the other charecters he is not wearing a sign that says honor, this shows that Iago has a good reputation and everyone trusts him but he doesn’t have honor. Throughout the movie he tries to ruin everyone elses reputation and honor. Iago tells Brabantio about Desi and Othello in an attempt to ruin her reputation, but she sticks up to her father in a respectful way which shows her honor. Iago gets Cassio drunk, causing Cassio to stab Montano which ruins his reputation and honor. Iago then tells Othello that Desi is cheating on him with Cassio (which although untrue is beleivable because Iago has a good reputation and Cassio’s reputation is ruined) this tarnishes Othello’s reputation and honor but it is ultimatly Othello who ruins his own reputation and honor by killing Desdemona.

[Lyrics to end song]–

Oh Desi you’re so pure you’re so pure you’re not a whore, hey Desi, hey hey, hey Desi.

Oh Cassio you got drunk you got drunk you were in a funk, you stabbed him, hey hey, you stabbed him.

Oh Othello so mislead so mislead your wife is dead, Othello, hey hey, Othello.

Oh Iago you’re so bad you weren’t happy with what you had, hey Iago, hey hey, hey Iago.

Hey Shakespeare!
This took us all night and that was really long, please give us an A+ Mrs. Smith we really need one. We talked about the rep and nature of honor too…Othello!

Duration : 0:5:28

[youtube LB6wygsM11M]

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