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Ronnie McDowell – You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation

Ronnie McDowell – You’re Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation (1983)

Duration : 0:3:8

[youtube QCoMuHkjYCc]


  1. Volkslady

    I still love his … I still love his voice (I remember loving this song back when it came out– I was in high school!).

  2. linde4412

    @423Cree god bless … @423Cree god bless you!!

  3. mrkoolnerd

    i am looking for … i am looking for the other version of the song he recorded

  4. mikeshaffersgirl21

    omg ronnie mcdowell … omg ronnie mcdowell is such a really really good singer i just hope i could meet him in person one day :) but i doubt that happening lol

  5. This was my exes … This was my exes song to me and he died saturday night. This really helps me, thank you for posting!

  6. wdeatonjr

    great song I had … great song I had forgotton this song thank you

  7. chucky7608

    @jjacks288 I DREAM … @jjacks288 I DREAM OF WOMEN LIKE YOU is off the “COUNTRY BOYS HEART” album and WHAT WOULD HEAVEN SAY is off the “GOING, GOING….GONE ” album. I have both songs.

  8. chucky7608

    @hayseed6969 This … @hayseed6969 This is off the COUNTRY BOYS HEART album which is the second recording of this song. The first recording of this song – which is a little different- is off the PERSONALLY album.

  9. alamanderflash

    @CCRoxtar Try … @CCRoxtar Try buying a CD. I found his greatest hits in a truck stop last year, and can still find many older artists in bargain section at Walmart. Amazon has quite a few available for just a few bucks. In many cases, you’ll spend more on shipping than on the CD.

  10. crazyme1957

    what ever happened … what ever happened to posting real videos this crap is getting old.

  11. BradOlsonBemidji

    @lavndrone7 All … @lavndrone7 All Tied Up is already on YouTube anyway. KSMusicGeeks has posted it.

  12. BradOlsonBemidji

    @jlgbgky … @jlgbgky KSMusicGeeks has I Dream of Women Like You uploaded

  13. DaveWollenberg

    Why’d Ronnie cut … Why’d Ronnie cut this 1 in 2 different keys. D and E? Anyway, it hit #1 in Billboard, 8-27-83. God bless!

  14. lavndrone7

    @hhhandsmhfan I … @hhhandsmhfan I have a cd that has ALL TIED UP on it, but I don’s know how to upload a song to this site.

  15. lavndrone7

    @rjs3006 you were … @rjs3006 you were so lucky, I would loved to have seen that

  16. vertex4208

    HI I Saw Ronnie … HI I Saw Ronnie concert Sat june 5 2010. in winnsboro texas he was very good in took me back to the 80’s once more.

  17. Verrucca00

    we saw him in … we saw him in concert in Branson. OUTSTANDING! So glad we went. Hubby even liked him and he doesn’t really like country.

  18. I have a newer … I have a newer stereo recording on MP3; it was all I could find at Amazon. Original recordings are no longer available by some of those 70s/80s country artists I grew up hearing on the radio.

  19. coolrooney09

    Good song from … Good song from Ronnie……this one and Wanted Man are two of my favs from him.

  20. This is so great!!! … This is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I saw him sing this … I saw him sing this song in concert w/Conway Twitty in 1981.

  22. Copperheadroad1

    Great song. I still … Great song. I still remeber it from when I was a kid. Now I am older and done all that raising. What a true sone for me.

  23. hungandhairyful

    My mom used to … My mom used to always listen to Ronnie Mcdowell’ s songs before she passed on back in 2005, which later led me to start listening to his music.

  24. hayseed6969

    how can we get this … how can we get this cut on cd?? guitars sound great

  25. mileyworldrocks247

    jody mcdowell his … jody mcdowell his pianoist and nefew is my moms cuzin

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