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The Gossip – How Reputations & Friendships Can Become Ruined

The Gossip (1955); High-school students experience (and discuss) the damaging effects of gossip. Producer: Centron Corporation; Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Duration : 0:13:42

[youtube H2jwqEIYcmU]


  1. rosaryfilms

    @AFFIRMATIONS1 – … @AFFIRMATIONS1 – thank you very much for your comments. I am sorry to hear about your experience. I have had similar experiences. Gossip at the workplace has damaged many a career. It is a real problem.


    At age 57 I have … At age 57 I have just been downsized from a great job helping low income families to develop lifeskills . The gossip nearly ruined my prfessional realtionships and threatened to damage my reputation of 22 years of faithful service. I am so glad this topic is being addressed. It’s a real and serious problem.

  3. rosaryfilms

    @AFFIRMATIONS1 – … @AFFIRMATIONS1 – you are welcome!


    thanks so much. thanks so much.

  5. belladeballe

    Frieda “MEOW!” Frieda “MEOW!”

  6. qwertasdcfghjklmo24z

    @nowinriccarton … @nowinriccarton Back in those days they sold coca cola and ice cream at drug stores.

  7. chickenballs9110

    why am i watching … why am i watching this

  8. nowinriccarton

    They all hung out … They all hung out at the DRUG STORE.

  9. Woah.
    This …
    This shouold be played in schools everywhere.
    & Freidas everywhere should go fall in a large hole and never come out.

  10. stlgtrace

    Freida is a bitch! Freida is a bitch!

  11. dheschete

    This could have … This could have been made about every southern town full of dull-minded, frustrated, bored idiots.

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