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Veena Malik Crying!!!!!!!!!!…… Mohammad Asif

lollywood actress and model vina malik cries in the show explaining her life story with babrak shah and cricketer mohammad asif. she explains how babrik and asif has ruined her reputation and what media is saying is not true and right. both asif and babrik should be sent to jail. agree?? Duration : 0:4:12 [youtube...
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Richard Bey "You Ruined My Reputation" (1995)

You’re engaged to be married, to the love of your life! But your fiance’s sister is spreading scurrilous rumors to your soon-to-be in-laws! How do to repair your reputation? Trick her into going on the Richard Bey Show, of course! Duration : 0:1:31 [youtube at0RPXsFlIA]
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